Many people turn to alcohol to reduce stress, tension and for relaxation. Drinking in excess usually ends with totally opposite results. Here are a few facts about excessive alcohol consumption.

Causes Depression

Some people have a few drinks to relieve stress or feelings of depression. They head to a bar after work and unwind from a long hard day of stress, or just drink and feel dissatisfied with their lives. This usually leads to a deeper feeling of depression when the person drinks in excess.

Alcohol and Accidents

There are many cases of intoxicated people falling asleep or passing out with lit cigarettes in the bed or attempting to make a meal. This causes preventable fires, injuries, and death.There is a high number of deaths from burns, drowning, fire, and falls that happen to be alcohol related.Every year, alcohol is responsible for the deaths of over 1400 college students and the accidental injuries of over 500,000 college students.

Birth Defects

Pregnant women who drink risk having babies with fetal alcohol syndrome or other birth defects. These children suffer from hyperactivity, abnormal facial structure and other unnecessary disabilities. These children’s lives are put at risk, and the children are born mentally challenged as a result of their mother drinking during pregnancy.

Health Risks

Women suffer from alcohol related diseases after a shorter period of heavy drinking and at a lower level of daily drinking than men. There is a higher percentage of alcoholic women that die from liver disease compared to the number of alcoholic men that suffer from the same disease.Men are more likely to drink more alcohol than women and as a result are involved in twice as many fatal alcohol incidents. This excessive drinking causes impotence and decreases the testosterone in a man’s body.