For addicts and their loved ones, rehabilitation is an exciting but scary process. Many people don’t know what to expect or have misconceptions based on rehab facilities in movies and TV shows. The following details just a few of the most common drug and alcohol rehab myths and why they aren’t true:

Rehabilitation can cure addiction.
Addiction brings about physiological changes in the brain that cannot be reversed through sheer willpower. Addicts need well thought out, long term strategies to achieve lasting sobriety.

Rehabilitation is a relatively short process.
There is no easy fix for substance addiction. Addicts who remain in rehab for a full year with 60 to 90 days in a licensed facility and then comprehensive outpatient care are twice as likely to remain clean and sober.

Substance abusers must have a strong personal motivation for the process.
Drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselors have extensive training and experience in breaking down walls of denial and resistance. As such, recovery rates are consistent among recovered addicts, regardless of the reason they spent time in rehab.

Substance abusers must make a total mess of their lives before treatment.
It is always surprising to learn that someone who has a great job and a wonderful family is struggling with substance abuse. You don’t have to have your life fall apart before addiction becomes a major problem. The sooner that you can get help, the better.

Rehab facilities are either prisons or cushy resorts.
Some people believe that rehab facilities function like prisons in which the staff is cruel and the addicts can’t leave. On the flip side, other people believe that rehab is like going to a spa. In reality, rehab centers work to save addicts’ lives as compassionately and directly as possible.