No family loves seeing one of its members struggling with any form of addiction.

Whether it is drug or alcohol addiction, or gambling and other forms of addictions, the mental anguish that the entire family suffers is horrible.

Some families ignore the addiction that a son, daughter or parent is suffering, only to regret later when the situation worsens. Regardless of what you think, eventually the family has to deal with the addiction.

One way of dealing with the addiction involves identifying the best inpatient rehab centers and taking the patient there for treatment.

What to Expect from Residential Addiction Treatment
When you or a loved one finds admission into inpatient rehab centers for residential addiction treatment, you can expect the following:

  • Stability through following a regular routine that enables patients to overcome their addiction faster than they would with outpatient drug addiction

  • Removal of the triggers that cause patients to keep going back to their addiction when back at home, in the workplace or at school

  • A sense of community that enables patients to overcome the isolation, and loneliness they often feel when in the presence of people, who do not struggle with drug or alcohol addiction

  • You are able to focus on yourself, and the treatment being administered by the rehab center

Signs That You Need Addiction Treatment
If you are like every other addict or patient struggling with substance abuse, you probably feel that treatment is not for you because this is not a problem. You probably feel that you are able to overcome the addiction whenever you feel like.

However, you and your loved one need treatment from inpatient rehab centers, after displaying the following 5 signs:

Frequent fluctuations in Mood, Energy Levels, and Sleeping Patterns
A substance abuse, or drug and alcohol addict develops a severe change in his moods. One minute, the patient could be very happy, only to grow moody and anxious the next moment.

He also appears to be full of energy and bubbly in one minute, only to look frail and disinterested in all that is going on around him the next moment.

In fact, keeping up with the change in the patient’s moods, is a tough task for the family. The friends also go through a tough time trying to keep up with the frequent mood swings.

The patient might begin sleeping during the day when he previously slept only at night. He might develop a habit of sleeping late into the morning. Watch out for these signs.

Being Overly Secretive or Evasive
A person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction becomes too secretive all of a sudden. He begins withdrawing and keeping to himself. He no longer appears interested in some of the friendships that meant so much to him.

Such a person needs constant attention to evaluate the many changes taking place in his life and put an intervention measure in place to prepare him for the upcoming treatment.

Inexplicable Gain or Loss of Weight
If you struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol, you cannot maintain your regular weight for long. Eventually, you lose weight, or gain weight inexplicably. This could be the result of a reduction in terms of appetite, thus leading to the loss of weight.

On the other hand, enhanced and uncontrollable appetite leads to weight gain, and eventual obesity. For the most part, drug addiction appears to make patients lose weight, and look haggard.

Disinterest in Previous Passionate Activities
If you have been active and showing a lot of passion in various activities with friends, workmates, fellow students, neighbors and family, you begin to show unexplained disinterest in people, and events due to your struggles with drug or alcohol addiction.

Strange Changes in Attitude and Appearance
You should never ignore the display of an inexplicably sudden change in attitude, and appearance by a loved one. This inexplicable change is a clear demonstration of struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, thus the need for intervention and treatment at a rehab center without further delay.

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