Drug and alcohol addiction are serious problems that affect millions of people each year in the United States and all over the world. While most people think of addiction as a social problem and one that will negatively impact a person’s relationships with friends and family, addiction can also take a major toll on your pocketbook.

In fact, drug and alcohol addicts who suffer for years often end up going completely broke. We’ve all heard horror stories about individuals with addiction problems borrowing money and never paying it back or simply stealing from the people they love or their employer to support their habit.

Keep reading to learn more about how addiction impacts you financially, and how the best rehab facilities are prepared to help. Only with help from one of the best rehab facilities will you be able to overcome a serious addiction.

  1. Drugs and alcohol are expensive. Over time, you’ll spend thousands or even more on addictive substances. That means less money for essentials and practically no savings for most people.
  2. Your habit will get worse. As your addiction grows you’ll have to spend more to get the impact your addict mind and body wants.
  3. Not paying bills on time. When you can’t or forget to pay on time you’ll get hit with high late fees that negatively impact your finances.
  4. Taking out loans. Many people rely on loans to get by, but those loan interest rates can be a real killer if you don’t pay on time.
  5. Spending money on legal fees. Whether you get arrested for drug possession or DUI, you’ll spend thousands just to get out of jail and back into the world.
  6. Job loss. Spells of unemployment are common among addicts who find it difficult to hold jobs.