Even though the cost of mental health care has reached record levels in recent years, there are still plenty of free and low cost resources to turn to for help. Here are seven useful apps and contacts that can point you toward dual therapy treatment.

  1. Breathe2Relax
    One of the best ways to deal with stress is to relax, which avoids the high costs of complex medication. This free app for iOS and Android was created by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology. It is designed to teach users how to breathe from their diaphragm.

  2. Mindshift
    This free app for iOS helps you see through stress by rethinking scenarios through prompts. It teaches you how to manage stress by reading body signals.

  3. QuitPro
    Designed to kick habits like smoking, this free app for iOS and Android helps you track events that trigger addictive behavior. The program provides self-help steps with cloud features that help beat addiction.

  4. MentalHealth.gov
    This government resource can help you learn about various different types of mental health disorders. The site can direct you where to get help for you and your community.

  5. National Institute of Mental Health
    This site educates people on mental illness and insurance coverage. The site features updates on innovations in mental health treatments.

  6. Disaster Distress Hotline
    When you or someone you know is depressed or needs help out of a bad situation, the Disaster Distress Hotline can provide help at 1-800-985-5990. This number can connect you with relief and dual therapy treatment related to natural disasters or violent crimes.

  7. National Organization for Victim Assistance
    If you have been a victim or witness in a crime scene, you can call NOVA’s hotline at 1-800-879-6682. They can connect you with mental health counseling based on your needs.