Christmas is one of the most important holidays of the year. During the Christmas season, people share gifts with those that they love and care for. Finding gifts for recovering alcoholics or addicts can be quite challenging. Below are some gift ideas that will make Christmas special for your loved ones in recovery.

Greeting cards. If you know the right places to look, you can find amazing holiday cards. If the person you are gifting is in a 12-step recovery program, look for a card that encourages their recovering journey with a thoughtful saying.

Coffee mugs or travel mugs. During recovery, patients usually drink a lot of coffee. A mug that has a funny saying or an inspiring slogan will make a perfect gift. You can fill the mug with pens, pencils or even their favorite candy.

12 Step recovery T-shirts. T-shirts or sweat shirts that have 12-Step program sayings or a slogan printed on them make great gifts. Make sure to get it in their favorite color.

Holiday ornaments. Recovery ornaments for Christmas trees bring special meanings to anyone in a 12-step recovery program. This will be something that will remind them of their sobriety around Christmas time for years to come.

God boxes/ medallion boxes/jewelry boxes. Beautifully crafted wooden boxes can be used as God boxes, special boxes for putting sobriety chips in, or even as jewelry boxes. These boxes make suitable gift options.

Recovery iPad cases. Most recovering patients use iPads to read material that will help them in their recovery journey or connect with other patients on Twitter and Facebook. Get your loved one iPad accessories; maybe a protective sleeve or stand will do.

Recovery bags, hats. Accessories like bags, hats and other pieces will be fun for a recovering patient. Choose something that is colorful and that can be worn on different occasions.