Watching a loved one deal with addiction can be extremely difficult. When the addiction becomes so severe that depression and thoughts of suicide threaten to steal away that person’s life, the torment felt by loved ones can be overwhelming.

With close to 40,000 deaths per year attributed to suicide, the problem is reaching epidemic proportions. You can help a person make the decision to seek drug rehab in San Diego as a solution.

How Can Loved Ones Help
Loved ones often try to help their family members deal with the ugliness of addiction. One of the things they do is to try and intervene, or hold an intervention.

It is important to remember that an intervention involving drug rehab in San Diego will only succeed, if the person can face the fact they are addicted, and that the addiction is destroying their lives. If they aren’t ready to accept the help and receive treatment, they will return to their old ways as soon as treatment is finished.

Loved ones can help by offering a firm support system. Supporting a person’s decision to seek treatment is one of the most important things a family member can do.

In cases where the person constantly demands help in maintaining their level of addiction, tough love may be in order. Withholding help may be the only way to force the person to realize the trouble they are in.

Preventing Suicide
When an addict is pushed to the limit, depression can set in. Thoughts of suicide often follow when the level of depression becomes severe.

Knowing what signs to look for and offering help at the right time may be the best way to prevent suicide, and help the person see that treatment is the only positive way out of their situation.