Harm Reduction Therapy uses many of the same concepts as other substance abuse treatment plans. HRT is part of a program known as the Third Wave. This substance abuse treatment program and the methods it uses work to effectively curtail substance abuse.

Harm Reduction
The Harm Reduction program focuses on healing outside of the criminal justice system. It works by using whatever health-based methods necessary to reduce the harm caused by the drug addiction.

Anyone who seeks treatment under this program can receive it, no matter what stage of addiction they may be involved in. Treatment can range according to the exact needs of the patient.

Psychotherapeutic and psychological approaches are used to reduce the amount of harm an individual can cause to themselves and others.

Third Wave Concepts
Following the Moral and Disease Models, the Third Wave offers a new approach to the treatment of drug abuse. Both models prior to the Third Wave had shortcomings that eventually undermined their success.

The new model picks up where others have left off, and focuses more on the health of the individual rather than treating a disease that is already present. Instead, the ‘Third Wave’ works to prevent the disease-mentality from taking over.

Successful Lifestyle Changes
Being proactive and making positive lifestyle changes that promote good health aim to help the person overcome feelings and physical problems associated with addiction.

The Third Wave concepts provide useful tools to regaining both physical and mental health, as well as helping the person stay on the path to good health.