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New Horizon Recovery Encinitas – Addiction Treatment Description


“New Horizon Recovery will help you discover new ways to live without the use of drugs and alcohol.


Purpose and Methods of Treatment

The prime objective of the addiction treatment that we utilize is to free you from the bondage of drug abuse and alcoholism. Through our inpatient program, residential treatment, medication, diet, exercise, counseling and community activities, New Horizon helps you start on your path to recovery. Six days a week you will be involved in group therapy. This is an opportune time to express your feelings, anxiety and fear about recovery. In a group setting there is good support for everything you are feeling and experiencing. You will also have individual therapy time six days a week. This is your opportunity to bring your family or close friends into the mix. Getting as much support as possible is a priority.

When you complete your 30-day individualized treatment plan, your progress will be evaluated and you will be counseled to see whether you need continued treatment or you are ready to go home.

Why This Addiction Treatment

The core of New Horizon’s drug and alcohol program is to provide evidence-based treatment through clinical services, group and individual therapy, social interaction, esteem-building activities and technical assistance.

“Because people have a variety of backgrounds, we do not dictate a particular belief. Rather, we build on your beliefs.”

At New Horizon Recovery, we combine the 12-step methodology with clinical and medical care and holistic processes for renewal of body, mind and spirit. By providing an environment that is substance-free and structured, residential substance abuse services stabilize emotional or behavioral issues and create a living environment that is conducive to recovery. Each resident has an individual treatment plan focusing on their personal needs based on substance abuse, social and family issues, psychiatric and health issues.