Drug abuse is something that every parent of a pre-teen or teenager fears. While we might think that drugs aren’t in our community, the truth is that even the best neighborhoods and school districts have drugs, and chances are our children will be exposed to them at some point in their adolescence.

That’s why it’s so important that parents do everything they can to teach children about the dangers of drugs. These teachings are especially important at times like Halloween when kids are having fun with friends and otherwise celebrating.

Use this guide to help you teach your children about the dangers of drugs on Halloween and how they can avoid taking them, even if they’re offered by close friends, acquaintances or peers.

Talk to your kids about the physical dangers of doing drugs.
Even drugs that don’t seem ‘serious’ like marijuana can be physically dangerous, especially when your child is out and about. Explain that doing drugs can inhibit their ability to function even on a basic level, which can increase the risk of physical harm being done to them.

Something as bad as walking in front of a moving car is much more likely if you’re on drugs.

Explain the potential for overdose.
Many kids don’t know that drugs like cocaine can kill them if they take a little bit too much. While these ‘hard’ drugs may seem out of reach for your kids, they could be more prevalent than you think.

Teach your kids that drugs can be addictive.
Taking some drugs just a few times can make them want the drug again and lead them down a dark rabbit hole that can be hard to get out of. Drug addiction is a serious problem with kids and they need to know the consequences.