Vaping, also known as smoking while using an e-cigarette instead of a normal one, has become wildly popular because of information stating that it’s much less dangerous than smoking normal cigarettes and that people who Vape can smoke inside bars and restaurants because the secondhand smoke from the e-cigarette is just vapor and harmless. But a new study from Japan has proven otherwise.

Carcinogens in e-Cigarettes
There was a recent study conducted by scientists in Japan for the Japanese Health Ministry to figure out what exactly is being released by the vapor from e-cigarettes and the results were startling. Many carcinogens were found in the vapor, including formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, which are incredibly dangerous for humans to inhale both directly from a cigarette and from secondhand smoke. Not only were traces of carcinogens found in the vapor, it far exceeded the amount found in cigarettes by at least ten times. That means ten times more risk of cancer-causing and extremely harmful chemicals.

It gets worse, however. When the coil inside the e-cigarette that creates the vapor overheats, which can be quite common with e-cigarettes that are malfunctioning or have been tweaked by the smoker, the risk of carcinogens becomes even higher.

The Threat of Vaping
Not many countries and states in America regulate e-cigarettes currently because there has been no solid evidence of the vapor being harmful. But with this study from Japan, governments can start putting regulations on the liquid used by e-cigarettes as well as dispel any interest that teenagers or young adults might have because they falsely believe vaping is safer and healthier than smoking. The only way to beat an addiction like smoking is through proper rehabilitation to cut it out entirely out of your life.