Residential Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Programs in Carlsbad, CA

If you’re looking for the best Carlsbad drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs offered in a comfortable and supportive recovery community, we’re here to help. As one of San Diego County’s top rated drug and alcohol treatment centers, we have assisted many people in overcoming substance addiction and improving their lives.

Our experienced team of addiction professionals are here to help you overcome your drug or alcohol addiction and create positive change in your life. We offer a range of programs to help you beat your addiction, from inpatient treatment to sober living and outpatient assistance.

Contact us now on 760-805-4015 to learn more about our drug rehab and alcohol abuse treatment programs, or continue reading to discover our inpatient, outpatient, sober living and family therapy programs in more detail.

Our Drug Rehabilitation and Addiction Recovery Services

From our Encinitas location, we offer several drug and alcohol treatment services for people in Carlsbad and other San Diego County areas.

Inpatient Program

Our inpatient program is designed to help you overcome drug and alcohol addiction through a structured lifestyle and a supportive environment. From your private room in our upscale, gated residence, you’ll undergo therapy, exercise and community involvement six days per week.

Throughout your inpatient treatment program, you’ll have direct access to our experienced substance addiction specialists. Our goal is to help you establish the mindset, skills and focus to live a healthy, drug and alcohol-free lifestyle by the end of your inpatient recovery program.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our outpatient program is designed for people who have other commitments, such as caring for a family, working full-time, or studying, that prevent them from being able to take part in inpatient treatment.

In our outpatient program, you’ll take part in group and individual therapy that’s scheduled to let you continue your normal daily routine. You’ll receive support, therapy and assistance to create a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle for the long term.

Sober Living Program

Our Carlsbad sober living program gives you the safe, secure, and supportive drug and alcohol-free living environment you need to achieve positive, long-term change. From our upscale community, you can develop the skills and habits required to overcome your addiction.

Family Program

Our family program is designed to help you achieve one of the most important parts of beating drug or alcohol addiction: creating a supportive, safe family environment and repairing broken relationships that can result from drug and alcohol dependence.

In our family program, you and family members will take part in individual and group therapy to mend damaged relationships, overcome previous obstacles, and create a positive, supportive environment for long-term improvement.

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Located in Encinitas, New Horizon Recovery is one of San Diego County’s top rated drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers, and we’re here to help you overcome your addiction and create positive change in your life. Our court approved drug treatment and sober living facilities serve individuals and families located in the Carlsbad area.

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