For those suffering from a drug and alcohol abuse problem breaking free can be difficult. Millions of people in our country suffer from substance related abuse. For these people life is difficult, the life of their family, friends and loved ones are equally affected by this social illness. To understand what these individuals are suffering it is not merely enough to give a tag to their infliction, it is also important to have an insight into their lifestyle condition. To fully understand the extent of an addiction or its implications we must understand what is a drug and an addiction and how it affects those stricken by it.

A drug is a substance which when ingested into the body can have a psychological and physiological effect. Drugs need not always be addictive and many are recreational however almost all drugs have a detrimental effect on the human body and mind. Besides the health and mental implication of illegal drugs, these substances can also be addictive.

An addiction is when a person is dependent on a narcotic or substance for his daily existence. For many drug addicts if they were not to get a substance or narcotic for a prolonged period of time the side effects would be unbearable and excruciating. People can be addicted to a state of delirium which is pleasurable or stimulating and can be either a drug or activity. An addiction has serious negative effects on a person’s state of well being, personal relationships and drive to succeed.

Addiction is basically of two kinds, a substance dependency and a behavioral addiction. Both of them are equally harmful. A substance addiction refers to the condition of those who are addicted to narcotics and alcohol, nicotine, opiates etc. A behavioral addiction refers to an addiction to certain activities such as gambling or sex. Behavioral addictions can be just as traumatic for an addict as a substance addiction. Behavioral addictions like a gambling addiction for example, can be devastating to an addict. He faces financial ruin, familial disdain, social ostracizing and emotional destruction.

Addiction need not always be a condition caused due to Alcohol, narcotics or nicotine; it can also be a harmful dependency on an activity that can cause personal ruin. We are an addiction treatment center that operates like a social model community specializing in drug and behavioral addiction and offer Rehab-therapy in a safe and comfortable environment.