Drug addiction causes a great deal of stress to both the person with the problem and those who love that person. Mental illness creates the same type of distress. When considering private rehab in San Diego, is it necessary to look for a place that treats both? Recent thought has considered that this may be because drug addiction is a type of mental illness. Here are some of the recent reasons for this consideration.

Brain changes
Mental illness is a result of chemical changes within the brain that make it difficult for a person to behave in a manner that is considered “normal”. The changes in the brain can cause a person to do many things out of character or become obsessed with one thing to the exclusion of all others.

Alcohol and drugs create changes in the brain as well. At first, they work on the pleasure centers and then they eventually change the person’s entire brain in regards to the substance of use. The drug becomes an obsession, with the person thinking of it to the exclusion of all other things. This change in the way the brain operates has experts believing addiction is yet another form of mental illness.

Even those who don’t consider the two as the same do see that both often exist within the same person. A person with mental illness may turn to drug abuse to mask the symptoms. Eventually, addiction kicks in and worsens the original mental illness. It becomes a vicious cycle of illness and abuse.

When seeking out help at a private rehab in San Diego, ask about their opinion on the correlation of mental illness and addiction. It is important to find a center that addresses both of these problems, and this could make a huge difference in the success of the rehabilitation.