The National Summit Survey revealed new and horrifying information on prescription drugs. For example, there has been a high death total linked to opiate overdoses over the last 30 years, a very alarming stat. Despite that stat, there is a small myth and incorrect information about these drugs. Here are some facts about opiates and being addicted. Please consider these facts if you are going to opiates rehab.

Long Release Pills Cause a High Overdose Risk
Large pills often result in an accidental overdose such as the FDA approved Zohydro, an opiate pain medication. While it would seem that you could take a big pill to ease the pain for several hours, actually Zohydro increases the chance of an accidental overdose. The half-lives of drugs stay in the system longer than what addicts are used to. The person may not recognize how much is truly left in their system, which will cause them to use another opiate, which will cause them to use another opiate, which in turn raises the risk of an overdose.

Dependence is Multifaceted
Dependence affects many aspects of a person. The physiological or biological components of the disease drive addictive behavior. After a lot of opiate use, you need more to keep your body normal. Withdrawal happens when the drug is no longer needed for the new normal. The user will then rapidly seek the drug in order to avoid the withdrawal.

Prescription Drugs Are Responsible for More Deaths than Cocaine
The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that accidental overdose deaths due to drugs are higher than both Cocaine and even Heroin. Perhaps drug users don’t respect them as they would a drug with a more deadly reputation. Prescriptions Drugs are incorrectly assumed to be completely safe.

Consider these factors before going into opiates rehab.