The drug dealing of today is drastically different compared to the past, and can be near impossible to trace if you aren’t sure where to look or know about the latest trends. Fortunately, the “secrets” of new drug dealing have been cracked, so you can help any of your loved ones with addiction to quicker recovery. So, which is the place where drug dealers are flocking to? The answer is definitely going to surprise you, because it’s a social networking app used by millions of people everyday: Instagram.

Drugs & Social Networks

The photo sharing app, which was bought out recently by social networking giant Facebook, allows users to share all sorts of pictures to the public if the user so chooses (they can also opt for a private account). Instagram also has a growing e-commerce community, which has also included the selling of hard drugs unfortunately. The company has been rather quiet on their policies about this as, and hasn’t tried to actively shut down drug selling accounts or have the dealers behind the accounts arrested.

Without any intervention, this can be a problem. Most of the demographic for Instagram are teenagers. They can easily search for accounts that sell hard drugs/prescription pills, and buy these items without parents or family knowing. But the path of recovery is always full of learning and discovery. Finding the means in which addicts find their drugs and taking them out of the picture is part of the recovery process. It means empowering those suffering from addiction.