Residential Addiction Rehab Intake Criteria

New Horizon Recovery's program helps you develop a positive relationship with yourself and your community. By embracing a variety of traditional and nontraditional therapies and experiences, you will have the opportunity to address all your addiction and emotional issues.

Prior to admission a health questionnaire and interview is conducted to determine whether or not you meet our admission criteria. Everyone who is appropriate for treatment will then complete an intake process where pertinent information will be gathered.

To help you determine whether New Horizon Recovery will be a good fit for you, we have listed the criteria that, if present, will exclude you from our program:

  • You do not consent to treatment.
  • You have medical conditions or impairments that would prevent your use of services.
  • You lack the physical ability to navigate the environment to care for your personal needs.
  • You have been known to exhibit suicidal, homicidal or acute mood symptoms that would be best served by a more intensive level of care.