There is a reason why people have to take prescription drugs under the supervision and direction of their doctors. If these drugs are not used properly or as intended, they could be dangerous. Many parents will be surprised to learn that teenage prescription drug abuse is quite prevalent and this type of abuse is as dangerous as abusing illicit drugs. Abusing prescription drugs can result in short- as well as long-term health problems.

Teens and Prescription Drug Abuse
According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), about 2,000 teens in the U.S. abuse prescription drugs. A survey conducted by Monitoring the Future found that prescription drugs along with over-the-counter drugs are commonly abused by students in the 12th grade. And, past experiences and surveys suggest that teenagers who abuse prescription drugs are more likely to use other illicit drugs.

How Do Teens Get Prescription Drugs?
Teens, who abuse prescription medications, often get them from their family members and friends. This often occurs without the knowledge of the person using the prescription drug. A survey conducted by Monitoring the Future in 2012 reports that nearly 50 percent of high school seniors surveyed claimed that they could get opoid drugs very easily. This should show you that if teenagers want, they will be able to lay their hands on prescription drugs fairly easily.

Reasons for Prescription Drug Abuse Amongst Teens
Some may want to use the drugs to get high, others to reduce physical pain. There are still others, who believe that prescription drugs will help them perform better at school. It has been found that teenage boys and girls abuse certain types of prescription drugs for varying reasons. For instance, most teenage boys abuse prescription drugs to get high, while teenager girls use them to lose weight or remain alert.