Taking care of yourself means knowing exactly your weaknesses and strengths but this can be difficult for anyone, but especially for those suffering from addiction. If you or a loved one happens to be suffering from alcohol addiction, they need to begin to learn about loving their liver, their mind, and their body. One of the best ways is through learning about the main five reasons how they are ruining their health with addiction.

    1. Alcohol Addiction & Withdrawal
      The biggest health concern in terms of alcohol addiction is the withdrawal stage. In severe cases, withdrawal can lead to death or near fatal symptoms. In most rehab centers, a small portion of alcohol can be used in alcohol treatment in order to help the person recover safely. Going to the withdrawal stage is a serious sign that the addicted needs professional help and can thankfully find it at an addiction treatment center.

    1. Bad Liver or Liver Failure
      After years of alcohol abuse, the liver will become weaker and can suddenly go into failure. This is also another unfortunately fatal outcome if not treated right away. Liver failure is something that can be avoided or alleviated when caught early on or even prevented completely by admitting to addiction and then getting the treatment that is needed to be well.

    1. Overall Bad Health
      Much like smoking, prolong alcohol abuse without treatment is going to affect the entire body and not just the liver. The body becomes literally dependent on it after time and this can affect people as soon as they wake up and throughout the entire day (and night).

Simple tasks can feel like a chore or even light exercise can feel painful or tire someone out quicker compared to a healthy person. Not to mention long term alcohol abuse leads to ulcers, vitamin B deficiency, high blood pressure, and even cancer of the mouth and throat.

Instead of allowing alcohol to overrun your overall health and feeling sick or tired every single day, being proactive and taking the necessary steps toward being better can lead to an extended life as well as actually feeling healthier.

    1. Poor Mental State
      While alcohol does impair your mental capacity when you become drunk, it also has a prolonged affect in terms of your mental state. Most people turn to alcohol and other addictions during times when they are depressed or have other stress in their lives and this eventually leads to addiction.

Continuing on this path only deteriorates the mental state more. Depression can become worse, stress and anxiety will heighten, and in extreme cases, all of this pressure can lead to suicide. With alcohol treatment, it’s more than just detoxing the body, it is also detoxing the mind.

    1. High Risk of Permanent Damage
      Binge drinking in large amounts over time can lead to many problems, whether they are mental or health, but one of the worse ways that alcohol addiction can damage someone without death is permanent damage to the brain or body overall. Brain damage is more common in terms of permanent conditions and can lead to nerve damage, memory loss, amnesia, and loss of certain major motor functions or bodily functions.

Reaching out and finding help with alcohol treatment is the first step on the right path that can avoid most or all of these high risk problems. There is help and there is a solution beyond binge drinking and alcohol dependency.