Music Community Fight Drug AddictionThe “Stand Against Addiction” music festival is the brainchild of Alliance Records CEO, Jey Roman. Having always believed that music can be used as a powerful tool to spread positive messages, he started the music festival as a way to spread awareness about all the negative effects that come with heroin and drug abuse. Sadly his actions were taken when Jey Roman lost a close friend to heroin and this loss had a major impact on him, prompting him to take action against drug abuse.

In a statement, Jey Roman said, “Last February, a friend passed from a heroin overdose. Since then, we have been contacted by multiple people who have experienced the same thing as we have.”

Rock and hip-hop artists like Funk Nasty, S5ive, West Water, Just Jake and J-NiBB are scheduled to perform and so are artists from other labels like EAZR and The Underdogs. Many artists have wanted to be a part of the festival, which will kick start in Piqua, Ohio, because like Jey Roman they believe that it is for a great cause that will send a powerful message about the dangers of drug addiction.

Organizers of the festival wish to share the music and message of the festival with a wider audience, which is why Jey Roman is in talks with different organizations as well as law enforcement precincts. The hope is that they will be able to take “Stand Against Addiction” to a national level, reaching out to more people who are struggling with the hardships of addiction and those who have lost someone they love to this terrible disease.