Just right around the corner is National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week, which helps promote better education on drug abuse and addiction among teens and how a community as a whole can prevent future drug abuse or addiction

When It Starts
Starting on January 26 and running until February 2, National Drug Facts Week holds various events throughout the United States with scientific experts reaching out to teenagers on the effects of drug abuse. This is a great opportunity for teens, and even adults, to learn more about the myths surrounding drugs and how they directly damage the brain and motor functions.

The Effect of Addiction
Drug addiction, whether it happens to be marijuana or alcohol abuse, directly alters the brain and how it is able to function. This can lead to nerve damage, memory loss, loss of certain motor functions, or even fatal reactions to the brain if treatment isn’t sought out.

What National Drug Facts Week Can Do
This is especially troublesome among teens, who are at higher risk of drug addiction and have a higher chance of brain damage because of drug use compared to adults. With National Drug Facts Week fast approaching, this is the perfect opportunity to seek out help right now with any troubled loved ones who are suffering from addiction and need to get better.

The first step to recovery is recognizing the addiction and then taking the necessary plan of action to be admitted into rehab in order to get better. Being surrounded by loved ones and the right kind of education can help during this recovery process and ensure that relapse doesn’t happen afterward and only the right information is known.