September is here, and besides the coming of autumn it is also National Recovery Month! The theme of this year’s National Recovery Month is “Join the Voices for Recovery: Speak Up, Reach Out”. The idea of this theme is to encourage and support people who want to speak out about mental disorders as well as drug addiction and the difficult road to recovery. Reaching out to others for help and support can help save a life and that is just one of the messages that organizers want to spread this year.

National Recovery Month

Do you ask yourself why September is celebrated as National Recovery Month? Well, the answer is easy. This month has been officially dedicated to spreading the message of drug and alcohol addiction and recovery for a quarter of a century. It is celebrated to:

  • Spread awareness about addiction and the drug and alcohol treatment options available.
  • Spread the message that helps is always at hand for people who want to stop their substance abuse.
  • Provide education to the public about the importance of preventing substance abuse, treatment as well as recovery.
  • Spread the message about the importance of recognizing problems of behavioral health and reaching out for help when there are such cases.

There are hundreds of events that are being organized all over the country to celebrate National Recovery Month. Each event is dedicated to making sure that people realize the importance of drug prevention and how they can achieve it. The events for the entire month are also used for spreading knowledge about how drug and alcohol treatment is important, and also goes into the matter of options that substance abusers have and how they can make a full recovery with the right treatment, help and support. Also as another option online events are also organized for those who cannot make it to events due to inconveniences.