OxyContin is an opiate based painkiller that physicians prescribe to patients who are suffering from severe pain as a result of illness, injury, or surgery recovery. OxyContin addiction is one of the most rapidly growing drug problems in the United States. Due to its addictive, intense nature, OxyContin causes many people to lose everything in their lives from close relationships to jobs.

Addictive nature
The inherent opiate quality of OxyContin makes it addictive, even when taken in regular doses. However, when people abuse it, such as snorting it, crushing it, or mixing it with a liquid and injecting it, the drugs become extremely dangerous. Taking an entire dosage in a single sitting can lead to a host of serious issues, and under the wrong circumstances, even death.

Signs and symptoms
For many people, OxyContin creates an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Over time, the body adapts to the effects of the drug and develops a tolerance. This means that when someone quits taking it suddenly, there are likely to be severe withdrawal symptoms. OxyContin has a wide range of physical, behavioral, and psychological symptoms from behaving secretively to experiencing frequent mood changes to having a lack of concentration with routine tasks at work or at home.

Treatment options
The best tactic for OxyContin rehab is a combination of behavioral, psycho-therapeutic, and pharmaceutical approaches. Most families choose to intervene with an addict in a non-formal, pre-planned intervention meeting. This meeting makes the addict aware of the negative consequences of long term OxyContin abuse and broaches the possibility of OxyContin rehab.

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