Pharmacy shopping has become increasingly popular with individuals who abuse painkillers. It is now considered to be one of the leading causes of painkiller overdoses. Much like doctor shopping, where people visit as many doctors as possible to get prescriptions for painkillers and other medications, people who pharmacy shop frequent several pharmacies to get them filled without being detected. Opiates rehab facilities are seeing more and more cases where pharmacy shopping has played a role in the person’s addiction.

  1. Too Many Prescriptions
    Painkiller overdoses often occur because the person is able to fill more prescriptions than they should. They get the additional prescriptions by visiting several doctors with the same complaints. The doctors write prescriptions for the medications they believe the person needs. Once the prescriptions are written, the person must then shop several pharmacies to get each one filled. Opiates rehab facilities often have patients who receive several prescriptions for the same medications on a regular basis.

  2. Forged Prescriptions
    If a person cannot get a doctor to write a prescription, they may attempt to steal a prescription pad and write them on their own. Opiates rehab facilities often report that addicts will take extreme measures to get the drugs they want, including stealing prescription pads and forging the doctor’s signature.

  3. Stopping Pharmacy Shoppers
    Stopping pharmacy shoppers can be difficult for several reasons. In most cases, pharmacies only share information between one another if they are part of the same franchise. Medicaid and Medicare share information but often there is a time delay when it comes to be recorded into the system. In order to effectively stop pharmacy shoppers, protocols need to be put into place that will help both pharmacies and doctors identify individuals who are commonly seen purchasing the same prescription pain medications.