Rock star Phil Collins, famous for his singing and drumming as a solo artist and frontman for Genesis, recently told the British news publication The Daily Mail that alcohol and prescription drug addiction nearly killed him. Collins, who has earned multiple Grammy awards and has sold millions of albums, retired from show business in 2010. After a third divorce and health problems he became depressed and turned to alcohol and various pills.

Medical Prescriptions
Collins had developed tendon problems from many years as a drummer. He also suffered from deafness in one ear and a dislocated vertebrae. As a result, he was given various medical prescription drugs that he said he mixed with alcohol. His overuse of alcohol and drugs led to pancreatitis, which was potentially fatal.

Separation from Family
A major cause of the singer’s depression was when his former third wife Orianne Cevey remarried and took sons Nick and Matt with her, moving from Switzerland to Miami. Collins said that the sudden absence of his sons left a big void in his life. At the height of his addiction to alcohol and drugs he grew worried when his kids became concerned, which is why Collins decided to seek help from a 12 stepalcohol drug rehab program.

Collins Quits Drinking
After attending rehab for a week, Collins found the program to be too restrictive and dropped out, saying that it felt like a boarding school. Instead he found a more effective alcohol drug rehab program in America that inspired positive thinking, which led to his recovery. He says that he has not had adrink for nearly two years and no longer has an alcohol problem. Now that his health has improved, Collins is planning to reunite with former Genesis members for a Miami charity show in December 2014.