Substance abuse is seen as a major issue among teens in the United States. However, there is another issue that is just as alarming. A new study shows that 33 percent of teens between 13 and 18 years old suffer from both physical and mental illness. The study was conducted at the University of Basel. Some of these disorders were linked with specific medical conditions. For example, eating disorders were most likely associated with seizure and anxiety disorders, heart disease, and arthritis. Depression for example, occurs more often with digestive disorders. These are other factors to consider before you or someone you know thinks about attending substance abuse rehab.

The correct term for having both illnesses is called co-occurrence, which simply means having two conditions at the same time. The National Alliance on Mental Illness suggests that half of people with severe mental disorders also have substance abuse issues. In regards to the total number of people diagnosed with a mental condition, almost 30% are using drugs or alcohol. These are issues to consider before heading to substance abuse rehab. The data suggests that mental disorders and physical diseases often co-occur in childhood.

These disorders are a tough challenge for global health care systems and as such, are gaining focus worldwide by government health authorities. Doctors recommend that the treatment of the physical and mental conditions should take into account the other. This would help treat the children better during their stay in substance abuse rehab. This would greatly impact the health care system as well.