Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This year instead of giving your mom something with monetary value, give her something that she’ll cherish forever: quitting your addiction. Regardless of the nature of your addiction, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to start taking steps toward quitting.

The first step toward quitting an addiction is admitting that you have a problem. Facing this reality can be really tough, but it’s essential for making a change. You have to acknowledge the issue and then commit to breaking the addiction to improve your life. For example, maybe you’re drinking to treat anxiety and depression. It’s time to seek healthy solutions to these problems.

Once you’ve admitted your addiction, most likely you’ll have to make some lifestyle changes. One of the toughest parts about quitting an addiction is altering your lifestyle to avoid old habits. For example, if all of your friends are serious drinkers who party hard most nights of the week, you may be reinventing your social life to steer clear of the temptation to drink. Seek positive activities that will help you develop new routines, such as joining a gym or signing up for a photography workshop.

Finally, consider adopting some coping skills to get you through low moments. During those times when all you want is a drink or a cigarette, you can turn to a technique like deep breathing or meditation.

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