Consequences of Alcohol OverdoseAlcohol overdose is a cause for thousands of deaths per year. One of the biggest dangers of getting drunk is that people forget when to stop to the point alcohol addiction becomes a problem. Musician and singer Phil Collins recently admitted he nearly lost his life due to alcohol and prescription drug abuse. He was helped by professionals who blend traditional and visionary approaches together. Here are the main reasons why alcohol addiction can be destructive to yourself and others.

Risks of Alcohol Overdose
Toxic BAC level is reached depending on the following factors:

  • Gender: Men metabolize alcohol faster than women
  • Age: Older individuals metabolize alcohol slower than young people
  • Ethnicity: Genetics can play a role
  • Drinking History: A human liver can only tolerate so much alcohol
  • Food Intake: The less you eat the more intoxicated you can get from alcohol

Warning Signs of Abuse
Usually the more you drink, the higher your blood alcohol level gets. The brain can tell important systems to shut down if it detects too much alcohol in the body. Too much alcohol can cause the heart to stop. Here some other dangers of drinking too much, particularly when it involves the safety of others:

  • loss of balance
  • loss of rational judgment
  • angry and violent attitude
  • driving or operating machinery recklessly in a way that endangers others
  • clumsiness and reduced coordination
  • loss of consciousness
  • brain impairment resulting in slurred speech
  • willing to take more dangerous risks

Alcohol Treatment Therapy
If you want to eliminate alcohol addiction from your life, the first thing you should consider is a group that offers a safe, peaceful and comfortable environment. The most modern alcohol treatment therapy programs include transitional homes that are in an upscale gated community. A positive environment is crucial in order for the therapy to work.