Recovering from drug addiction is a difficult path but it can be made easier with the right approach and determination from the person who is suffering from addiction. There is a 12-step program that many addicts can go through, but there is another path that can be taken which uses a more holistic approach that is starting to gain more and more recovered addicts. This new program is called Recovery 2.0.

Created by Tommy Rosen, who was a former drug addict himself and used this form of recovery to supplement his 12-step program, Recovery 2.0 has become a global movement to include yoga, meditation, and healthy eating into addiction recovery because these holistic approaches can save lives and lessen an addict’s rebound back into addiction. However, Rosen also says that Recovery 2.0 can be used in conjunction with a 12-step approach and the two don’t have to be completely separate addiction recovery methods.

Rosen does Skype interviews and meetings with those looking for recovery as well as having published a companion book also named Recovery 2.0. The outpouring of messages he has received from former addicts who used yoga and meditation and balancing their diet has been overwhelming and all the more reason that a holistic recovery should be included in the overall process.

There still needs to be the recovery process of admitting there is an addiction, allowing loved ones to help, but there should also be self-discovery through yoga and meditation to help with the recovery path instead of only heavily relying on medication or AA meetings.

Some rehab centers have started to do similar approaches to Recovery 2.0, which includes activities such as painting, horseback riding, as well as the staples of yoga, exercise, meditation, and healthy eating habits.