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“New Horizon Recovery helped my spouse so much. My family was in crisis. My children were caught in the middle. Our family participated in many family therapy sessions where we learned how to communicate with each other. My spouse spent 2 months at New Horizon Recovery and then continued with out patient for three more months and I participated in some of the therapy sessions. At New Horizon my spouse had a private therapy session daily. This was the best. My spouse went to daily meetings in the community and found many people in recovery that were helpful after my spouse left the program. New Horizon does not have a cookie cutter recovery plan, they address each client’s situation and treatment as individuals with specific needs. I am in the medical profession and was very impressed with New Horizon Recovery’s approach to recovery.”


“I went through the program at New Horizon Recovery and was glad I did. The counselors are the best. I had some serious issues and they really helped me work through some rough stuff. “ Chris

“New Horizon was a good rehab for me and I actually enjoyed being there. People really care, food was good. They had a lot of patience. They helped me rebuild my relationship with my family. ” MJ

“I didn’t want to go to rehab. Had no choice. I was angry. New Horizon talked and talked to me. They got me a mentor that had been here and she helped me alot. Her story was like mine. I’ve been clean 10 months, its hard but I have a lot of people I can call from NHR and someone always helps me.” Stephanie

“My son went through the program at New Horizon Recovery with great success. I think the fact that he wasn’t in a lock down environment had a lot to do with his success. He was happy there even though he was attending therapy, being monitored and having to be accountable. Also the outings to the beach and hiking helped a lot.” Greatful Mom

“Our family was torn apart because of our son’s heroin addiction. New Horizon Recovery turned him around. The first few weeks were hard, a lot of crying. He spent six weeks in rehab then several months in their sober living house. If we didn’t have the support from the staff I’m not sure we would have survived. Hours and hours on the phone and in therapy.. I feel so blessed. My son is healthy again, not depressed and he’s a nice person now- the way he used to be. Please get help as soon as you know there is a problem. Too many young people are in trouble. Happy Again, thank you all.” Thankful Parent

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