On the eve of Thanksgiving, many people focus on preparing festivities for family and friends and thanking God for the blessing in their lives. Amidst this busy time of year, few individuals take the time to show gratitude toward the people who helped them through their dark days of addiction.

Drug counselors help patients through some of their lowest points, transitioning them into sober lifestyles. They must establish good rapport with their patients in order to provide proper support, education, and neutral confrontation. A patient must feel as though he or she has an ally who understands the struggle and the need for support. This year make a special effort in one or both of the following ways to show your counselor the respect that he or she deserves.

Write a note
Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most effective, and handwritten notes are no exception. In the middle of struggling with drug addiction, it can be tough to appreciate how hard someone is working to help you get through it. If you’ve never made the time to say thank you in full to your counselor, take the initiative this holiday season to sit down and write a note. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed to get the message across.

Give a gift catered to a special interest
Drug counselors and patients spend hours talking together. While counselors often spend more time listening than talking, it is inevitable that patients will learn a fair amount about their counselors during their sessions. Did you pick up on a particular interest, hobby, or passion during these meetings? Your gift can be something as small as a keychain with a sports team logo to as large as tickets to a rock concert.