Top Rated  Sober Living & Drug Rehab in Encinitas

Searching for a proven drug treatment center serving Encinitas? New Horizon Recovery is a top rated San Diego drug rehab and treatment center located in Encinitas. We provide high quality, effective treatment for individuals with drug and alcohol addiction.

Located in an upscale, gated community, our transitional living homes are the ideal place to beat your drug or alcohol addiction. We offer a wide range of treatment programs, from drug rehab to sober living and intensive outpatient addiction treatment for people based in Encinitas.

Contact us today on 760-805-4015 to speak to one of our staff members and learn more about how we can help you or a loved one improve your quality of life, or continue reading to discover our drug rehab and treatment services.

Our Encinitas Drug Rehab & Treatment Services

We offer a range of drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs for individuals based in the San Diego and Encinitas area.

Inpatient Program
Our inpatient program gives you the support, assistance and supervision you need to beat your alcohol or drug addiction in a safe and sober environment. Our program involves daily exercise, therapy, community involvement and more on a six days per week basis.

As part of our inpatient drug rehab and treatment program, you’ll have direct access to doctors and nurses dedicated to helping you recover. Throughout the program, you’ll develop the skills and mindset necessary for a sober, drug­free future.

Outpatient Program
We also offer an outpatient program for people who can’t afford to spend several weeks away from home due to parental, work or study commitments. Our outpatient program gives you the support and assistance you need to recover while continuing your typical schedule.

As part of our outpatient program, you’ll be included in group and individual therapy and have access to our experienced team. We can design your outpatient treatment to work around your schedule, making it as easy as possible to incorporate recovery into your lifestyle.

Sober Living Program
Our Encinitas sober living environment allows you to live in a supportive, drug and alcohol­free environment to successfully complete the recovery process. During your recovery, you’ll live in your own private room in a safe, upscale gated environment.

Family Program
Our Family Program is ideal for people that need to mend relationships that have been harmed due to alcohol and substance abuse. Our professional team can provide a productive recovery environment for individual and family therapy sessions to help you achieve a sober future.

Invest in yourself with New Horizon Recovery

As a top rated drug rehab and alcohol treatment center serving Encinitas, we’re 100% focused on helping you achieve a successful, sober future. Our professionals combine classic treatment methods with a variety of modern therapies to help you conquer your alcohol or drug addiction. From our inpatient program to sober living, family therapy and other services, we’re here to help you invest in yourself and improve your life. Contact us today on 760-805-4015 to schedule your free consultation with our expert addiction staff.

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