A lot of people in the United States suffer from a drug problem at one point in their life, and most need help to get the problem under control. After all, it’s just not something that most people can do on their own.

That’s where drug rehabilitation facilities come into play for most people. However, if you’re running a drug rehabilitation facility, chances are you know you may need to improve it from to time. New research can give you some new options, so use this guide to improve the state of your drug rehabilitation facility so you can do the best for your patients.

Treat Addiction Properly
Addiction to a substance is a chronic illness – not a one-time problem. New research shows that people who learn to think of addiction like a problem that doesn’t go away, even when they’re sober, will do better staying clean over time. Teach your patients to treat addiction that way and you’ll see fewer return visitors over time.

Avoid Stigma
Patients who feel shamed or stigmatized tend to make less progress in rehab. Avoid shaming anyone in your facility, even in a passing way.

Stay Positive
Positive benefits of sobriety and how life will be better are more impactful focusing on the negatives. Stay positive to help patients realize they’ll be better off without alcohol.

Provide Education
Getting people clean is one thing – teaching them about their illness is another. Teach them about addiction and they’ll better understand why and how they can and need to stay sober once they leave your facility.

Stay Up to Date
Research is important, and it’s your job to stay up on it. Read the journals and talk to others in your business. You’ll do right by your patients.