There is no doubt that many people all over the world enable loved ones who have drug or alcohol addiction issues in a number of different ways. This is a cycle that has to stop! For you to get your addicted loved one help with treatment and recovery, the first step is to give them a much-needed dose of tough love coupled with drug treatment therapy.

Here are 5 effective strategies to use to stop enabling your loved one’s addiction:

    • Learn about addiction: It is important that you educate yourself about substance abuse and addiction. It will give you an insight of what the person is going through and how to handle the difficult situations that arise and help them with drug treatment therapy.

  • Stop the handouts: You have to stop providing money when they ask for it. They will find different ways to gain sympathy, but remember that you need to be tough and say ‘no’!

  • Do not listen to threats: Addicts are manipulative and will threaten you when they do not get what they want. Do not concede to them. Let them rave and rant, but do not give in at any time!

  • Let them take responsibility: Repaying debts, making excuses for their behavior, etc. enable addicts. You need to let them take responsibility for their actions and let the cards fall where they may. It is the only way they will learn about the consequences of their actions.

  • Live your life: Do not get sucked into their self-destructive world. Live your own life and get counseling if you need to. Be there to support addicted loved ones only if you are 100% sure that they want to change their life.