Addiction Treatment in Sandiego County



"My life was a big mess. I didn't think I could turn things around. I had legal issues and court dates that I had to deal with. I was overwhelmed. New Horizon Recovery helped me with my addiction, my court issues and they stayed in contact with my PO and my attorney and made sure I was able to meet all my legal requirements. After three months I have cleared my legal issues and I am sober. I could not have done this on my own. The staff at New Horizon Recovery really stayed with me. They also helped me with my family. My family now includes me. I was so lost. I'm now trying to get a job and New Horizon has a staff person that is helping me with vocational rehab. I really feel lucky to have gone thru New Horizon's program"


"I went thru the program at New Horizon Recovery and was glad I did. The counselors are the best. I had some serious issues and they really helped me work through some rough stuff. "


"My family member went to New Horizon Recovery. We had some concerns about the cost. New Horizon assured us that we could go to their program as an out of network client and have very little cost to us. They told us they do not bill the clients for co-pays. When the family doesn't have money its important to be sure you won't get a large bill after treatment. I want to thank New Horizon Recovery for helping our family and not charging us a lot of up front money. They really did provide excellent care, no bill and our family participated in family sessions 2 times a week. We spent so much money at other facilities and the services were not that great and we had to pay a lot of money. New Horizon really cares about people, the community and families. The staff is wonderful. I wish we had found them first."

Happy and productive again. Thank you New Horizon Recovery

"New Horizon was a good rehab for me and I actually enjoyed being there. People really care, food was good. They had a lot of patience. They helped me rebuild my relationship with my family. "


"I didn't want to go to rehab. Had no choice. I was angry. New Horizon talked and talked to me. They got me a mentor that had been here and she helped me a lot. Her story was like mine. I've been clean 10 months, its hard but I have a lot of people I can call from NHR someone always helps me."


"My son went thru the program at New Horizon Recovery with great success. I think the fact that he wasn't in a lock down environment had a lot to do with his success. He was happy there even though he was attending therapy, being monitored and having to be accountable. Also the outings to the beach and hiking helped a lot."

Grateful Mom

"Our family was torn apart because of our son's heroin addiction. New Horizon Recovery turned him around. The first few weeks were hard, a lot of crying. He spent six weeks in rehab then several months in their sober living house. If we didn't have the support from the staff I'm not sure we would have survived. Hours and hours on the phone and in therapy. I feel so blessed. My son is healthy again, not depressed and he's a nice person now, the way he used to be. Please get help as soon as you know there is a problem. Too many young people are in trouble. Happy Again, thank you all."

Thankful Parent

"My son was deeply involved in drugs. Not just consumption but much more. He was looking at years in prison. He didn't want to change. I was so worried for him. I was helpless. I found New Horizon Recovery, spent a lot of time on the phone talking to them. My son spent 4 months there. It was so hard in the beginning. He was angry, defiant, hated everyone and everything. Thank God for New Horizon. They saved my son from jail probably prison and somehow got him to understand he needs to live a better life. He was not the best client in the beginning, I'm so amazed they stuck by him. He now has a part time job and is getting signed up for college. I can not believe how much they helped us. If you have a young adult that needs help this is the place. There are lots of young people in the program and they have a lot of patience.......a lot."

Thankful Parent