Drug rehab centers can do wonders for addicts. However, once the addiction program is over and the person comes home, the rest of the family has to support and help in preventing the addict from a relapse. This is where a recovery contract can prove to be extremely beneficial.

What’s a Recovery-Contract?
It is an agreement that clearly states what you expect from your loved one and what he should expect from you. All expectations and penalties for not meeting those expectations are while the recovering addict is living with you. Such a contract can keep your loved one and you on track and aids in complete de-addiction process.

Things to Keep an Eye Out For
Before you and your loved one actually sign a recovery contract, there are a few things that you need to look out for. These are the things that will ensure lasting sobriety in your loved one and ensure the work done by drug rehab centers is a success.

  • Have an open talk with your loved one about why you are putting a contract in place
  • Make the contract simple and don’t push the person into a corner with your expectations. You know your loved one well and hence, you know what is possible and what is not
  • Make sure you let the person know what you expect of them clearly. Leave no room for misunderstandings and ambiguities
  • Be clear on the number of relapses your loved one is allowed
  • Listen and not just hear what your loved one has to say
  • Address his doubts and be supportive
  • Incorporate your loved one’s suggestions in the contract, if possible
  • Make him realize the value of the recovery contract, otherwise all the work done by the rehab center will go in vain