Here are five myths about drug rehab debunked:

“Relapse rates are as high as success rates.”

Research has shown that recovering addicts who take full advantage of the rehabilitation services provided have a 70% success rate. This number is increased if they follow it up with support groups when they leave.

“Drug rehabilitation centers are only successful because they provide a physical safeguard against relapse.”

Drug rehabilitation centers do provide a physical safeguard, which many addicts are afraid to leave, but they also instill the value of sobriety in their patients through programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, providing them with a social safeguard for when they do leave.

“They will make me go through straight withdrawal and give me nothing to overcome it.”

On the contrary, many drug rehabilitation centers mimic a hospital setting and make comfort a priority. Alcohol withdrawal can kill you. Physicians go to every length to make sure you’re safe by providing anti-seizure medication. Heroin addicts are given methadone. All measures are taken to ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the process. If the opposite was true, many addicts would avoid them.

“I’ll be kicked out for someone more desperate than I am.”

Drug rehabilitation centers follow a strict program. When you arrive, you begin your detox, and you stay there for a set amount of time. No circumstance keeps an addict from receiving the proper care that they need. In fact, many heroin addicts use methadone while they wait for a bed to open up.

“The physicians there look down on me.”

Actually many physicians in such facilities are recovering addicts and alcoholics who want nothing more than to help. In fact, many staff members are affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, programs that support reaching out over pointing fingers.