Our Sandalwood Location for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

” It is not just our length of sobriety, it is our continued desire and willingness to examine our lives and our constant striving to become better human beings that is most important in recovery.”

New Horizon Recovery Encinitas – Alcohol Rehab

Are you looking for the right alcohol rehab? New Horizon Recovery is an upscale, gated community alcohol rehab center located right on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Encinitas, California. At this alcohol rehabilitation center, you will receive multiple therapy sessions every day and holistic programs to heal both the mind and body.

Nutrition, physical fitness, even yoga classes can be combined with 12-step program work, medication, and therapy to give you one of the best rehab for alcoholism in the country. We stand ready to provide alcohol rehab that is second to none. If you need alcohol rehabilitation, we can help.

We offer private rooms, a proven program, and excellent amenities. Alcohol rehabilitation can be done in an environment that is at once caring, professional, and effective. To find out more on this alcohol rehab program, give us a ring at 760-805-4015.