Family Support in rehab

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Family Program for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Why We Involve Family at New Horizon Recovery

At New Horizon Recovery we know that addiction affects everyone in the family. To have a successful recovery it’s important to involve loved ones in open communication in a healthy way.

How We Involve Family at New Horizon Recovery

After we spend some time getting to know our client we will bring family members in to participate in therapy sessions. At this time everyone will have an opportunity to express their feelings and expectations with the guidance of a highly experienced counselor. It is a known fact the recovery is more successful when loved ones are involved. If it isn’t possible for people to attend sessions in person we can accommodate phone sessions and written correspondence.

Goals For Our Family Program at New Horizon Recovery

Some of the goals of our Family Program are to educate you about addiction and disease, family roles, identifying triggers, opening up communication within the family, setting boundaries, identifying enabling behaviors and promote ongoing healing and recovery. Addiction affects us in many ways mentally, physically and spiritually. At New Horizon Recovery we want to center you and get you in a more balanced state of mind for you to continue healing.