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Our Inpatient Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Drug and Alcohol Abuse San Diego Treatment New Horizon Recovery, Encinitas

The best inpatient program for drug and alcohol abuse in San Diego. At New Horizon Recovery in Southern California our philosophy is to provide every client with an individualized clinical care treatment plan quaranteeing each person the opportunity to reach their maximum level of well being. We are committed to preserving the integrity of both the client and their family while providing a safe, therapeutic environment.

Addictive Behavior, Thoughts and Stages of Recovery

A lot of addicts do not recognize that their life problems are connected to their addiction. Addicts often do not see themselves as addicts. They may acknowledge they have a problem but often believe they can find solutions on their own.

There are 5 stages that most people go thru who quit addiction. These stages are not unlike the stages of death or trama or severe loss of any kind.

  • Step 1 Denial: My addiction is not the cause of my problems.
  • Step 2 Acknowledgement: OK. Addiction is the cause of my problems.
  • Step 3 Preparation: What can I do to fix this problem?
  • Step 4 Action: Enter a treatment program.
  • Step 5 Maintenance: Continue living an addiction free lifestyle.

At New Horizon Recovery we know that getting clean is only the beginning. Staying clean is hard-very hard. You must have a good support system, work the program, surround yourself with other people in recovery and eliminate the stress, triggers and people that are negative. An inpatient program is a good place to start your recovery.

Learn the tools for long term recovery from your addiction.

The goals we implement into treatment are as follows:

  • Provide symptom relief
  • Increase impulse control
  • Improve reality testing
  • Increase ability to perform healthy activities
  • Stabilize healthy daily routine
  • Provide education on relapse prevention
  • Provide education on identifying and addressing triggers
  • Develop a discharge plan

The activities we implement are as follows:

  • Daily exercise at our on site gym
  • Excursion to the beach for hiking and water activities
  • Torrey Pines State Park for hikes
  • Bicycle riding
  • Easy access to our own 3 mile hiking trail just out the front door
  • Movie night
  • AA and NA meetings

New Horizon Recovery is an adult residential drug and alcohol treatment facility.

We are dedicated to you and your recovery.