Sober Living in Encinitas

Sober Living in Encinitas California

Encinitas’ best Drug and Sober Living Home located in Encinitas San Diego California. Inpatient treatment, PPO Insurance accepted with no co-pay.


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Sober Living Homes or Sober Living Environments (SLEs) were created on the west coast due to a need to provide a middle step between an addict’s stay at a rehab center and a return to their normal life. Sober Living Homes established themselves as a safe and supportive environment during the substance abuse recovery process.

Although these sober living homes don’t require participants to be on their way out of rehab, these centers provide housing, support, and structure for a recovering addicts road to sobriety. During this expansion across the United States, Sober Living Homes, quickly established themselves as a structured environment following many well studied methodologies like 12 step programs and sound recovery.

Many of them are also certified or approved by a variety of coalitions and establishments. These Sober Living Environments require the patient to participate in 12 step meetings, submit to drug testing, and show a visible and honest effort in his or her steps towards a lasting recovery.