Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programs in La Jolla, CA

All over San Diego County, we are one of the most highly recognized drug rehab centers. We offer thorough drug addiction and alcoholism problems in La Jolla, CA. Our treatment options range from outpatient to inpatient programs and sober living amongst others. We pride ourselves in having experts that will put you on the road to recovery and help you lead a sober life.

Feel free to reach out to us and our staff will book you an appointment with one of our leading treatment experts. Alternatively, you can also inquire about our various alcoholism and drug addiction treatments in La Jolla.

Our Drug Addiction and Alcohol Rehab Services

1. Outpatient Program

This program is suitable for those who are committed to work, family, or education. The outpatient program comprises of regular therapy sessions, which can be group or individual. The sessions will be tailored to meet your requirements and that of your treatment expert.

2. Inpatient Program

If you are looking for a more extensive program, then you can opt for our inpatient program. You will get a private room and access to our team of experts full time. You can also utilize the workout area to exercise both your mind and body. With time, you will start to reap the benefits of the treatment and enjoy an alcohol-free lifestyle.

3. Family Program

Amidst alcoholism and drug addiction phases, family relationships are likely to be negatively affected. Fortunately, we have a program that is designed to help families in La Jolla reunite with their loved ones and make amends.

4. Sober Living Program

The key to living a sober life is to reside in a supportive environment without triggers. Our sober living program features a drug-free gated community with high-end amenities. Here, you can focus on your goal of being sober without interference from the outside world.

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Over the years we have been operating as a leading recovery center in California, we have assisted hundreds of people to beat addiction and break free from alcoholism. We believe that it is possible for everyone to lead a successful and drug-free lifestyle.