7 Low-Cost Mental Health Resources for Dual Therapy

In recent years, the cost of mental health care has rocketed and reached record levels. Having said this, there are still some low cost and even free resources available to us. Below are seven contacts and apps that can help you with your therapy and your journey to better mental health that are affordable to everyone.


Poor mental health is associated with stress, and one of the best ways to stop stress is by relaxing. Relaxing costs nothing, and it doesn’t involve complex medications. This app worked on Android and iOS and was created by the National Center for Technology and Tele-health, concentrating on teaching how to breathe deeply using the diaphragm.


This app is entirely free and available for iOS users. It shows us how to decrease stress levels by rethinking scenarios. Through prompts, it teaches you how you can manage stress by reading specific body signals.


This app is available for both Android and iOS users, and is designed with kicking habits like smoking in mind. It works by teaching you how to track events that trigger different addictive behaviors you may have. Including in the program are cloud features and self-help steps that will ensure your beat your addiction once and for all.


This is a government resource that can help you understand the different types of mental health-related disorders people like yourselves may be suffering from. Within site, you will find links that will direct you to places within your local community where you can seek help.

National Institute for Mental Health

This website is an education site that helps people understand both mental illnesses and insurance coverage, which features updates on the latest innovation in the treatment of mental health problems.

Disaster and Distress Hotline

This helpline can be reached when you dial 1 800 985 5990 for people who are depressed or in a bad situation and need immediate help. When you dial the number, you can connect with dual therapy treatment and relief services related to violent crimes and or natural disasters.

National Organization for Victim Assistance

This hotline is provided by Novo, and can be reached by calling1 899 879 6683. The hotline will connect you with mental health counselors and is for those that have witnessed or have been a victim of a crime.